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My conversation with Hailey was truly inspiring and insightful, though at times jolting because of what she presented.  I will be meeting with her again as I explore this "entrance" into a deeper communication with family, and with myself.  Thank you, Hailey.

Sue, Arizona

My time with Hailey was a wonderful experience. I felt comfortable with her from the very beginning and she was able to drop in to the reading very quickly. Everything she shared with me resonated deeply and helped me become more open as we continued together. I was touched and encouraged, so much so that I plan on working with her again and even scheduled a session for my daughter! Thank you Hailey! 💜


Misa, North Carolina

Hailey is the most sweetest and kindest soul I’ve ever known. She has helped me through some rough times. Times that my anxiety would’ve taken over and controlled it all. She reminds me of my beautiful angels and just how beautiful life is and can be. I’ve had angel visitations for years, and with her help and love I am now able to understand what their visits mean and what they are saying. I will forever be grateful for that. She has such a beautiful way of expressing herself and it’s truly intoxicating. I look forward to visiting with this amazing, talented and beautiful souled lady every time because I know just how wonderful and positive and full of love that I will feel when our session is over. Hailey, from our family to you, we love you. ❤️


Bonnie, Tennessee

Hailey is wonderful, caring and so kind. She gave me so much comfort. I recently lost my beloved dog. Zoe, and she told me things that made my feel so much better about her passing, and so many things that were right on point. It helped me so much, and let me know that I made the right decision for my sweet girl😪💔🐾.


She also answered a lot of questions about my life that I needed to know, and needed confirmed. She also let me know that I’m moving in the right direction, and that I’m going to be alright. All that she brought me was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders! She is truly an amazing woman, and an Angel Soul Reader. I highly recommend her!!

Angela, Colorado​

I usually treat myself every year to an Angel reading of some sort. This year I chose Hailey as my guide.  She was very tuned in and gave me a reiteration of something the angels told me two times before - from other people - in other states! OK Angels, I’m listening. Third time is a charm. To me this meant Hailey was right on and very helpful.  Her style is very professional/friendly/calming. Instead of yearly…. now I may do monthly angel talks! Thanks so much Hailey!

Cheryl Rae, Texas

Hailey is always spot on with the love and messages she receives and gives. She comes from a genuine and loving space. Highly recommend.

Cheyenne, Colorado

I had such a beautiful Angel Soul Reading with Hailey! I loved her presence, her energy, and she was so spot on! I'm looking forward to always staying in contact with her to connect and help me with issues, or just to stay connected with what's truly beautiful and loving. Thank you so much sunshine!

Cheryl, New York

Hailey is one of the most beautiful souls I know. She is authentic, helpful, compassionate, calm, and encouraging. She is a blessing to spend time with.

Daria, Colorado

Hailey is PHENOMENAL! I had never been to a Angel Soul Reading, so I genuinely didn't know what to expect, but after one visit with Hailey, I am hooked. She called on my angels, the angels around her, Archangel Michael and she was spot on with both my friend and my readings. It was amazing, I've never seen anything like it. I left feeling so excited about the possibilities revealed to me and the guidance she gave me for going after them. I cannot thank Hailey enough for being so warm and welcoming and willing to answer all my questions. I can't wait for my next session with her, she's great!

Crystal, Colorado

First, Hailey's voice & presence is so relaxing and comforting, which immediately made me feel at ease and willing to open up to her. Second, she has such a gift for being relatable and this helped me realize that I am not alone in my struggles. And, third, her intuitive abilities are spot on and gave me great direction in my next steps to take with work and a relationship I was nurturing. Thank you, Hailey!

Karri, Texas

Haley's energy and enthusiasm about life is so important for all of us to see in this negative world.

She always helps me, and she will help you too!

Delton, Texas

I started watching Hailey shortly after she started the Thursday chats online. The more I listened the more I learned. I have had some private chats with her and boy, have my eyes been open. She has helped me understand the healing process I am going through. I believe the most important thing she has helped me learn is to recognize that small quiet voice of God. To rehash those thoughts, "is this my own thinking or something different!" I am so thankful I listened to that voice when it said tune in and hear what she has to say! Hailey is such a Blessing to me and a Divine Sister in Christ!

Carolyn, Texas

Hailey is so kind, gentle and loving she taught me to love myself and be gentle with myself. Hailey helped me end a 40 year addiction to meth, in 9 weeks! We got to the inner problem that caused me to self medicate, to numb myself. I am happy, healthy and successful today! Her Self Love is Divine course played a big part in all of this as well. She is not only my therapist but has become my mentor, my friend and soul sister for life! She's amazing!

Michelle, Texas

Hailey has really opened my eyes and showed me that anything is possible and great things will happen-- you just have to get past the "what if's" and the unknown just fades away! She has a beautiful soul that cares deeply about the people she helps! With Hailey's help my life has completely changed for the better! I have grown so much with her guidance and I honestly believe she has a true gift!

Mary Elizabeth, Tennessee

As a connoisseur of psychics, I was impressed! A tad shocked, in fact. Hailey gave voice to my beloved brother who has passed so many years ago, unpredictably moving. In essence, she allowed us to share a connection that had been unexpressed before our session. Hailey is generous in sharing all, no sugar coated la la land loveliness.

The truth unabashed. I admire that!

Laura, Colorado

I wanted you to know how thankful I am for you getting in touch with my inner Suzanne! I, constantly, now cry happy tears and know my Soul is happy (crying now!). I'm so appreciative and thankful for "you" helping me start a healing process years ago! You're loved!”

Suzanne, Texas

​​I had such a wonderful soul session with Hailey. It was just what I needed. Everything she said came with love and inspiration. She was able to connect on a level that I haven't experienced before. It was the perfect combination of therapy, coaching and reading. Little did she know that was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much Hailey! I can't wait to see you again!

Tessa, Colorado

In my session I got what I came for, and it turned out to be way more than I expected... connection with a loved one who passed that was very dear to me. To feel the gift of love from that person moved me. Plus Hailey gave me a plan of action for what is next for me RIGHT NOW! It's so much fun working with Hailey, because not only does she have insights, she is brimming with love and enthusiasm about what is happening for the person she is talking with.


Cathy, California

In our few sessions, she has inspired, comforted, loved and helped me heal my Soul. She is a true, loving, calming, and warm bright light in my life. She is so intuitive and hits on things that I did not even know were weighing me down. She does this in a relate-able way, sharing her experience, joy and light.

I feel calm, safe and renewed each time I meet with her. I am so grateful to have found her and I have peace and hope moving forward.

Kathryn, Colorado

I took Hailey's advice and doubled down on myself. It was scary at first because I had to face my fears of changing but was determined to become happy and heathy. ​ Truly, working with Hailey has given me the direction and confidence to change my life in a way I knew was possible but didn’t know how.

Thank you Hailey! I am very grateful!

Wendi, Tennessee

Hailey has coached me, inspired me, motivated me, and mentored me. Every relationship in my life has improved since I began seeing her...most importantly, the relationship I have with myself. She is incredibly intuitive and empathetic, which leads to her and I to having interactions and conversations that are not always possible for me to have with others. Choosing to have weekly sessions with her has been one of the most important decisions of my life. Her genuine, honest, and passionate approach to life and her work is a breath of fresh air and unlike any other life, love, and soul coaching you'll find.

Danielle, Colorado

I absolutely loved Hailey's group meditation and our 1:1 guided meditation session. Hailey has a special way of finding those wounded places in people and then providing comfort, healing and confidence where they are most needed. She is a true and kind soul.Much gratitude to you, Hailey.

Laurie, Colorado

I have worked with a lot of different Coaches/Healers over the years. I came across Hailey and found her to be unique in her very bright spirit and her ability to make me feel like anything was possible. She LIVES everything that she teaches and is always working to empower everyone she works with. She is one of the most honest and authentic people I know. I beyond appreciate that I found her and would recommend her to anyone interested in growing and developing their internal world!."

Heidi, Colorado

I've had several sessions with Hailey and my life has completely changed. She always gives me guidance for shifting the way I am doing things so that I can receive what I am striving for. My life has absolutely changed! Thank you Hailey! I look forward to our check in sessions!

Cheri, Colorado

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